Why Should YOU Care About Lafayette?

The Marquis de Lafayette left France in 1777 at age 19 to fight for American Freedom in the Revolutionary War.  He was befriended by General Washington, wounded at Brandywine, and given a command as Major General.  He influenced France to ally with America and to send the French Expeditionary Force. Lafayette commanded the Continental Army in the Virginia Campaign and was instrumental in the defeat of British General Cornwallis and the victory at Yorktown. He is one of only 7 foreigners to be awarded honorary United States Citizenship.

Lafayette continued to fight for “government by the people” in the French Revolution and was imprisoned from 1792 to 1797 by anti-revolutionary European monarchs. Throughout his life, Lafayette remained a steadfast advocate of human rights, including the abolition of slavery.  In 1824 and 1825, Lafayette again visited America on his Grand Tour of the United States as “The Hero of Two Worlds.” About eighty cities, towns and counties were named for Lafayette or his chateau, LaGrange, as a result of his Farewell Tour of America

Alan Hoffman, President

A Letter from AFL President Alan Hoffman

About the AFL

​The Society is an organization aware of the ideals of this great French visionary leader, the inspirational quality of his remarkable career, his contributions to our own struggle for liberty, and his ceaseless efforts to forge an eternal bond of friendship between the United States and France.

The goal of The American Friends of Lafayette is to foster and promote this traditional friendship by way of continual research into the history that began with the American War for Independence and includes any documents past and present that shed more light on the life of the Marquis.

We have reached our goal to raise money to erect a statue of Lafayette in Yorktown!

Membership rates have been adjusted to the new rates. Thank you to so many members that have renewed their memberships.

January 2, 2017

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The American Friends of Lafayette is an historical and patriotic society dedicated to the memory of Major General Gilbert Motier, Marquis de Lafayette and to the study of his life and times in America and France.

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